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Tracks Inventory of Multiple Location with In Detailed Movement History with rate Fluctuations.

Designed for the industry by experts in business and technology, DIMS is a comprehensive solution covering End to End Processes of Inventory Management for Hospitality Segment. From Procurement to Ware House Management, and Inventory to Sales and Shipping, DIMS seamlessly automate and integrate the wide spectrum of Business processes involved in any Business Operations. DIMS Standard Business and Best Practices empowers you to attain overall Business Visibility, manage and optimize inventories and synchronize supply management with customer demand. With access to real-time data and system generated, up-to- date MIS Reports, you can make informed and timely decisions to your entire demand supply networks.

Built on the latest Internet architecture, DIMS is a centralized application which can be accessed by the centralized Purchase teams for raising purchase orders, as well as by Store Supervisor located at different parts of the business, to receive goods and record their transactions.

It is a comprehensive tool for Purchasing, Inventory Management, Material Processing and Cost Management and Ware House Management. It takes away the tedium of maintaining stock register for recording every movement of an item or Inventory, which is of interest to the Materials and Finance teams.

It is designed to interface with Point Of Sale on one side, and with financial applications for Vendor payments, on the other.

DIMS is designed to handle multiple or Single Locations and Sub Locations, where items can be received, stored, issued, consumed and tracked.

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IMS is a Web Based Application supported by Multi Browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla & Opera) and Tightly Integrated with Mobile Apps on Android and IOS platform.

IMS System Gives Complete Centralized Control and Tracking of Raw Materials, Semi-Finished Goods, Finished Goods, Stockable , Non Stockable , Current Asset across Single or Multiple Property , Ware Houses, Central Kitchen and Production Plant.

Robust in Built Recipe Management for Various Categories of Products and Day wise Recipe Cost Tracking.

Tracks Inventory of Multiple Location with In Detailed Movement History with rate Fluctuations.

Is Capable of Handling Multiple Units of Measurement's, e.g. Buy Bulk in Cases, Track by Pieces and Sell by Portion or Numbers?

Requisition of Various Types, Finished Goods Request, Store Indents, Purchase Orders, Standing Purchase Order, Rate Contracts and Goods Receipt Notes, Delivery Schedules, Materials Adjustments, Store Issues, Finished Goods Issue and Finance GRN Postings.


Recipe Costing on the Basis of Industry Standard WAR Methodology.

Production Planning on the Basis of Sales Forecast and Manual & Requisitions Based on Production Planning.

Quotation Management with an Option to Supplier for Vendor Login on web portals for Submitting the Quotes or Downloading Purchase Orders Issued and Update Delivery Status.

Automated Variance Processing at the Time of Month Closing.

All Transactions can be mapped as Per the Workflow Required for Approval Processes.

Automated Mail and SMS Push for various Transactions.

Keep Track on Inter Store Stock or FG Movements.

Automatic Notifications / Alerts on Materials Reaching Re Order Levels and Automated Process to Raise Indents.

Real Time Interface with Point Of Sales System for Correct Stock Calculation and Depletions.

Entity Specific Document Number Serializations and Parameterizations for Various Transaction Types.

Advance Option to do Stock Declaration of Various Categories based on Parameters Define.

Advanced Work Flow Definitions for Major Transaction Types.

Advanced Custom Document Serialization of various Transaction Types for Single or Multiple Property.

End to End Transaction Recording in case of Central Ware House and Central Kitchen Setup along with Provision to Maintain Discrepancies at Various Stages along with its tracking, with a Provision to POST Loss in Transit Module

Advanced and Detailed Dash Boards for quick View on Various Operations and Activities happening for a Business.

Seamless Kitchen Display Integration with Custom Messages for Chefs, Replacing Traditional Order Printing with complete Track on the Progress of Each Orders, streamlining the Kitchen Communication to enhance speed of service, meal quality, and guest experience.

Detailed Table Layouts with Table Status of a Restaurant Floor.

Auto Emailing of the Checks to Guest Email ID and SMS Alerts on Deliveries.

Capable of Capturing Item Wise Feed Back from Guest.

Ready to Deploy Standard APIs so can be seamlessly integrated with any Third Party Solution if required.

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