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DSPL Hospitality Solutions Provide comprehensive food and beverage Point Of Sale ( iPOS ) that can be scaled to meet the needs of every type and size of food and beverage business, weather you operate on a single property / Stand Alone environment or Centralised Environment managing Hundreds of Multiple Outlets from a single location.

iPOS Smartly interfaces with all your Mobile Devices and Tablets on Various Platform and ease the Operations on the Floors with Real Time Data Exchange, allowing your Service Staffs to spend more time and interact with Guest rather than running around the Tills to Ring In the Orders.

iPOS is smartly packed with the Advanced Features which addresses to different Operation Need such as QSR ( Quick Service Restaurants ) , Fine Dine ( Full Service )....


Solutions for complex business Needs through simple approach

Leveraging technology for solving customer's business problems

Delivering the best to our customers and partners by orchestrating the best of people, process and technology


Designed for the industry by experts in business and technology, DIMS is a comprehensive solution covering End to End Processes of Inventory Management for Hospitality Segment. From Procurement to Ware House Management, and Inventory to Sales and Shipping, DIMS seamlessly automate and integrate the wide spectrum of Business processes involved in any Business Operations. DIMS Standard Business and Best Practices empowers you to attain overall Business Visibility, manage and optimize inventories and synchronize supply management with customer demand. With access to real-time data and system generated, up-to- date MIS Reports, you can make informed and timely decisions to your entire demand supply networks.

Built on the latest Internet architecture, DIMS is a centralized application which can be ........

Dhyaan Softech Pvt Ltd [ DSPL ] is keen to Explore Business Engagements for automating the Various Processes and Operations , Management Controls and decision making activities for the Food and Beverage Industry by Providing our Comprehensive suite of Solutions with a Detailed Focus on streamline the Operations and control s, Guest Servicing and Enhancing Management Decision.

Dhyaan Softech Pvt Ltd, [DSPL] is a Software Development Company founded in May 2015 and is privately held and Registered under Companies Act, with its Development Centre at #147, 2nd Floor, R.V.Road, Near Minerva Circle Bus Stop, Bangalore- 560004.

DSPL is focused in delivering innovative technology and services, that customers trust and value. As a leading technology company, we offer a broad range of product categories, including mobility products for any Industry where inventory plays major Role.

DSPL is a Market Expert in providing the Cutting Edge Solution to Hospitality Industry. Solution help Various Hospitality Chain at Pan India Level Manage their Sales and Procurement Cycle effectively. Solutions are Designed keeping in mind the Business Operations of a Small to Medium to Large Enterprises , and is Easily Configurable as Per the Clients / End Users Business Requirements.

DSPL current Offerings Caters to the Management of the Point of Sales / Billing System with Inventories Movement and Management of Warehouse on a Centralized platform Tightly Integrated with Mobile Platforms.

DSPL believes in giving its customers the choice to select Product in a best- of- breed mode- this means the Customer has a basket of offering to choose from. The underlying philosophy of technology is to be open and interface with the best in the industry. Interface without her products is its hall mark in providing technology convergence to ensure customer delight.



#147, 2nd Floor, R.V.Road,
Near Minerva Circle Bus Stop,
Bangalore- 560004

+91-9916100021, 080 - 41205292


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